Middle Grade Fiction with Tamra Tuller, Winter 2017


with Tamra Tuller

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Workshop your Middle Grade novel in an intimate setting with editor Tamra Tuller. You’ll share three 5,000-word submissions over the 3-month workshop with Tamra and your peers. Plus, get your questions answered and learn from Tamra in monthly office hours sessions held by discussion call. Get feedback, support and guidance as you work through your manuscript revisions. Participants can also take advantage of an optional individual 15-minute mentoring phone call with Tamra during the workshop.


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Group size: writers



Members: $; Non-members: $

About Tamra Tuller


Jan 31: Introductory group discussion call (8pm eastern time)
Feb 7: First submissions due
Feb 21: First critiques due
Feb 28: Group discussion call (8pm eastern time)
March 7: Second submissions due
March 21: Second critiques due
March 28: Group discussion call (8pm eastern time)
April 4: Third submissions due
April 18: Third critiques due
April 25: Final group discussion call (8pm eastern time)