February 2022

Give Your Readers Whiplash: Pacing Your Fiction for Success

Propulsive fiction is a key element for readers today. Life is busy, and they want a fully immersive experience, a book that hums along with no dead spots. Join K.J. Howe to learn how to hone your pacing to keep readers up late burning through your novel.

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About Lecturer

About K.J. Howe

K.J. Howe is the internationally bestselling author of The Freedom Broker series which features elite kidnap negotiator Thea Paris. To bring authenticity to the page, K.J. has delved into the world of kidnap and ransom for the last seven years, interviewing former hostages, kidnap negotiators, Special Forces soldiers who perform rescues, and other industry professionals. She is also the executive director of the International Thriller Writers and she has a Masters in Writing Popular Fiction. Travel and adventure are her passions, so she is often missing in action. www.kjhowe.com