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We are a group designed to help children's writers meet other writers within the Inked Voices community. If you are new to Inked Voices, this is a good place to start. If you are an established member, this is also a good place to scout for writing partners for new groups or to find an additional person for your existing group. Whether or not you find folks you'd like to work with on an ongoing basis, this is also a great place to get fresh eyes.

If you are looking more for a resource-sharing or discussion group, we have one of those for Picture Books, for Early Readers and Chapter Books, and for Middle Grade and Young Adult

How this group works


Writers may submit to this group any time during the first two weeks of each month.

Writers may submit up to 4000 words of material. Because this group is not designed as an ongoing group (it's too hard to follow a novel all the way through in a group with revolving membership), we ask that you submit material from the first 12,000 words of your project. It's also okay to submit a revision of your work, or to share query materials or project synopses.

Whatever you submit, please add a submission note that includes: your book category (CB, MG, YA), a short pitch of what the story is about, and any notes on where you are with the story and what feedback you're hoping to receive. You will add your submission note after you click to submit your work.

Submissions must be in the realm of children's literature, from chapter books up to young adult, or stories for children's magazines.


This group is open to invitation requests from anyone. Inked Voices groups are private by default, but all you need to do to join is to be a children's writer and to ask. If you are pulled from the group for non-participation, you can request again when you are ready and we will add you back. 

What happens if you find a partner or a small group

If you find a person (or persons) who feels like a great fit, send them a message to see if they'd be interested in something ongoing. You are welcome to start a new group workspace. From there, you can stay in this group to scout for other members or you can leave if you're all set (you can always come back).



Early Readers and Chapter Books (Early Readers and Chapter Books)
Middle Grade (Contemporary fiction, Historical Fiction, Adventure or Mystery, Low magic/fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Graphic Novel, Memoir, Nonfiction)
Young Adult (Contemporary fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Crime, or Thriller, Low magic/fantasy, Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Horror, Romance, Graphic Novel, Memoir, Nonfiction)


To meet other children's writers and exchange feedback on our work.

Admissions Policies

Writers of children's literature, chapter books through young adult, fiction and nonfiction.

What we're looking for in members

Thoughtful critiques, focusing especially on elements of story. This is a supportive community that values giving critiques as an important part of craft and community in addition to receiving feedback.

Inactivity Policy

Folks who do not submit, critique or participate in discussion for 3 months will drop from the group. This is simply to keep a higher ratio of active folks in the group. Happy to add you back if you want back in! Just ask. :D