Kid Lit, PB to YA

This group is a place for writers of children's literature. For writers with existing critique groups, it's intended as a place to get a fresh pair of eyes. It's a place for writers to meet critique partners and form smaller groups. And it's a spot for pieces that may not fit neatly in your critique group parameters, like magazine articles.


picture books, chapter books, Young Adult, easy readers, middle grade, children's magazine submissions


To meet other children's writers and exchange feedback on our work.

Admissions Policies

Writers of children's literature, picture books through young adult, fiction and nonfiction.

What we're looking for in members

Thoughtful critiques, focusing especially on elements of story. This is a supportive community that values giving critiques as an important part of craft and community in addition to receiving feedback.

Inactivity Policy

Folks who do not submit, critique or participate in discussion for 3 months will drop from the group. This is simply to keep a higher ratio of active folks in the group. Happy to add you back if you want back in! Just ask. :D