Book Club: The Nuts and Bolts Guide to Writing Picture Books

This group is a 2-month book club that will study Linda Ashman's book The Nuts and Bolts Guide to Writing Picture Books. Her book is structured like a 9-week class, with one chapter a week, so that is what we will be doing! 

Participants in the group will read the book and do the exercises on their own manuscripts. You may share the exercises with the group, but because these are "homework" rather than polished work, the submissions will be for accountability. The group leads may decide for each week what to submit because each chapter has different content. We'll also discuss a chapter a week on the discussion boards.

The goal of this group is to support one another through a self-studied writing class, working with fellow picture book writers. 

The Nuts and Bolts Guide to Writing Picture Books is one of the top-recommended books on the craft of writing picture books, written by Linda Ashman, author of over thirty-five picture books. You can either purchase it for Kindle, or buy the PDF.  Buy it here


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To read a book on craft and apply it to our manuscripts, making them stronger and more salable.

Admissions Policies

This group is for unagented, agented, and published picture book writers. Yep, we can all benefit from this craft practice!

What we're looking for in members

Weekly participation on the discussion boards. Complete the exercises on your own manuscripts.