Journaling as a Useful Tool for Writers of any Genre

As wonderful and useful as Scrivener, OneNote, MS Word and other writing programs are, when it comes to hammering out character and plot ideas, a blank notebook and pencil or pen can be the key to a clear mind without noise and fanfare where you can experiment with ideas, highlight the jewels you discover, and then turn on the technology to assemble your gift of writing to the world.

This group will share ideas on how journaling works or sometimes doesn't work to help a writer.  Keeping a writer's notebook is the most inexpensive and portable method to capture free-floating thoughts about a novel, poem, or story in progress.  

Please join us to share your writing journal methods and learn from others.  You are invited to share journal excerpts or simply just discuss how you use journaling or would like to learn how to use journaling as an aid to creative writing.


Our most sincere goal is that you benefit from this group and enjoy your time spent here.

Admissions Policies

Open to writers of all genres and all levels of writing experience.

What we're looking for in members

honesty and a sense of adventure