Young Adult Fiction, with Sarah LaPolla


with Sarah LaPolla

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Get feedback on your first 15 pages with literary agent Sarah LaPolla. How it works: Submit your first pages to the group on January 9th, when the group officially kicks off. Then, there is a two-week period where you and your group members will exchange feedback on one another's work. Sarah will post her feedback on January 23rd. After the critiques, there will be a 2-hour webinar for debrief and discussion, in which each writer has the opportunity to ask Sarah individual questions about his or her work. This is a great opportunity to meet other writers, learn from their feedback, and to get feedback from an agent familiar with the publishing market.


Who this workshop is for:


Group size: 10 writers



Members: $; Non-members: $

About Sarah LaPolla


Mon, January 9th- Submissions due
Mon, January 23nd - Critiques due
Wed, January 25th - Discussion call 8:30-10:30pm ET*
Monday, January 31st – Group workspace closes

*The discussion call will be recorded and shared with participants. Writers unable to make the debrief may send their questions in advance.

Participants who join the workshop are automatically added to the group's workspace and may feel free to network and/or exchange manuscripts in advance of the event start. This is a completely optional extra. Sarah will join in at the event start.