August 2023

Plotting Your Novel in Four-Act Structure

<div dir="ltr" style="">Join NYT bestselling author Beth Revis as she shows you how to chart your novel in a simple, one-page chart that will give you the basis to write your entire book. With a focus on consequences, action, and emotion, charting your novel can be used to either draft a clean manuscript or revise a manuscript you've already written, with an eye on tight pacing, strong characters, and an engaging plot.</div>

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About Lecturer

About Beth Revis

Beth Revis is a NY Times bestselling author with books available in more than 20 languages. Her most recent title, The Princess and the Scoundrel, is a Star Wars adult science fiction novel featuring the marriage and adventure-riddled honeymoon of Leia and Han. She's also the author of serialized novels written using Dungeons & Dragons skills--playing with dice and taking votes from readers to determine the fate of the characters. The first novel in this format is called Museum of Magic. Beth’s other books include the bestselling science fiction trilogy, Across the Universe, Star Wars: Rebel Rising, and many more. Her next novel is a historical fantasy co-written with bestselling author Sara Raasch; Night of the Witch will be available in October. Beth is the co-owner of Wordsmith Workshops and the author of the Paper Hearts series, both of which aid aspiring authors. A native of North Carolina, Beth is currently working on multiple more books and video game scripts. She lives in rural NC with her son, husband, and dog.