January 2015

Getting your story moving

Pull the oars of your story quickly enough to get your reader excited, slow enough to share the scenery.

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7 types of action that will get your story moving

From natural action, to mental, metaphorical and structural, here are ways to add action to your storytelling. 21 minutes.

Getting your story to move with strong verbs

Verbs are a natural “go to” for action in our stories. Here are 8 techniques to help them pack more punch. 26.5 minutes.

Resource: Strong verbs

An example of how verbs can add punch to a static paragraph

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About Frank Flaherty

Francis Flaherty worked for 19 years at The New York Times, serving as a columnist, editor, and deputy editor. Today, he is on the adjunct faculty at NYU and Columbia. He is the author of "The Elements of Story: Field Notes on Nonfiction Writing" (HarperCollins) and has written for the Atlantic, Harper's and others.