Basic admin functions

Group leaders are able to invite and remove members, send reminders and see the last time each member was active in the group. These actions are all possible through the Group Admin screen.

Group leaders may also extend the deadline on submissions, by pushing them from the Review Period back to the Critique period. To do this, the group leader should go to the group’s page, then to the Review tab. Select Move to Critique to send the document back to the Critique status. This will give the document an extension of about half a day.

Group Admin

Through the Group Admin page, you may:

  • Remind or message individual group members
  • See when individuals were last active in the group
  • Remove group members
  • Message the entire group
  • Invite new members

To access this page, go to your group. Click the Settings wheel in the left column under your group profile picture and select Group Admin. You can communicate with members in the top section; send invitations by scrolling down.

Group Admin notes

Sending a reminder to a member will initiate a pre-populated message from you. Please feel free to customize your reminder before sending it.

Before removing members, please reach out to the group member and see if they are still interested in the group. Sometimes, a person has had a major life circumstance that has kept them from writing. Other times, a kind nudge will bring your group member back into the fold. When you remove a member, that writer will receive a system email notifying them that they have been removed.

Here’s an example of a message one might send before removing a member:

Dear Molly, I’ve tried to reach out a few times, but I haven’t heard from you. Since you haven’t been active in the group for over a month and there are others who are interested, I’m planning to remove you from the group if I don’t hear from you this week. Please get in touch when you get a second. Thanks! - Jean