Calendar mode

Writers may use the Calendar mode on its own or with Projects. For writers who use projects, word counts and writing time added under a project will be recorded automatically in the calendar.


Your writing days will be circled for a quick view of how often you’ve written in a given month.
Tap an individual day to see any notes made that day. Total writing time and word count for that day will display at the bottom of the screen.

Track words, time or writing days

Tap the Clock icon at the top left in Calendar mode. Enter words or time. To track writing days only, leave these fields blank and simply tap Yes.

Edit a day

Tap the pen icon at the top middle of the screen in Calendar mode. Add or change word counts and writing time to override any previous values.

Add, view or delete notes

Add a general note by tapping the notes icon at the top middle of the screen.
Any notes taken for a particular date display below the calendar when that date is selected. Tap the note to view it in its entirety.
Tap a note and swipe left to bring up an option to delete the note.

Set or edit targets

Tap the Target icon at the upper right of the screen. Add or edit any goals (all fields are optional). Save changes.

See your stats

Tap the Chart Icon at the top right of the screen to access Stats & Graphs. The view defaults to Stats, but tap Graphs to see your word count progress in graph form.


The chair depicts your writing “days in the chair” against your monthly target.
The middle section shows progress against daily, weekly and monthly targets.
The lower section shows total writing days, word count and writing time since app install.


The top graph shows daily progress against a daily word count goal (grey line).
The bottom graph shows cumulative word count for the month versus a monthly goal. The grey line shows what the cumulative word count should be on any given day to meet the monthly goal.