Search groups

  1. Go to Groups on the navigation and then to Search on the drop down.
  2. Input your search term. Search by genre, organization/association or any other keyword that’s important to you. The search is an “or” search. So if you put in “mystery fantasy”, you will get mystery groups, fantasy groups and groups including both genres.
    Example searches:
    Organization:NaNoWriMo, SCBWI, SFWA, Sisters in Crime
    Genre:New Adult, YA, fantasy, non-fiction, blog
    Education / experience:MFA, Gotham Writers’ Workshop
    OR Click “show all groups” to see all of the groups. This can be valuable if you are interested in a mix of genres.
  3. Your search results will include groups that match your search. Click on the groups to view their profiles. These profiles include information that will likely be important to you: group settings on sexual content, violent content, critique ratio, deadline windows. Check out the group description, submission schedule and inactivity policy. Click member names to see their public profiles. You will not be able to see any group submissions, discussions or files.
  4. If you are interested in joining, click Request Invite to initiate a request to the group facilitator. You’re also welcome to ask the group facilitator a question.
  5. The group facilitator will likely look at your profile and may have some questions for you. The group facilitator will then invite you to the group or let you know that the group is full or not a good fit, etc.
  6. When invited, you will receive an email invitation and an invitation on your dashboard. Accepting the invitation will join you to the group. You’ll now see the group on your Dashboard.