Change subscription

You may change your subscription at any time under Subscription on the My Account page.

Change subscription type

To switch from a monthly plan to an annual one, use the Change to Annual button. When you change from a monthly to an annual plan, the new plan takes effect immediately. Any payment for the month will be prorated and applied to the new subscription.

Example: A member is halfway through her billing cycle and decides to switch plans. Then $5, half of the $10 monthly fee, would automatically be applied to the new annual subscription.

When you change from an annual plan to a monthly plan, the fee will also be prorated. Here, if your account balance is greater than the amount due, that balance will be carried over into the next months’ billing periods until it is spent down. After that, you will be charged the monthly fee. Therefore, if you are an annual subscriber and wish to change to monthly, please do so at the end of your subscription year.

Update credit card

To update or change your payment information, use the Update Card link. The link is in the lower right corner of the Subscription section.

Cancel subscription

You may cancel your subscription at any time by going to Cancel subscription under My Account.

When you do this, your subscription will remain active until the end of the billing period. For example, if your monthly subscription starts July 1st and you cancel July 21st, you will be able to access the site until August 1st.

When you cancel, you will get a confirmation email for your records.

The email contains a feedback link. Please share your feedback through the link or by replying to the cancellation email - we read all of your comments. For example, if there is a group fit issue and you let us know, we may be able to recommend a matching partner or group to you in the future.