Submissions Process

Inked Voices’ submissions process follows the workshop model. There is a Critique Period where members give feedback on a manuscript and a Review Period where the author and any group members can ask questions, make additional comments and discuss the critique.

A group’s Critique Panel shows where each submission is in the process. The Critique Panel is located towards the top of a group’s private page.

Critique period

When you submit a work to a group, it will appear in the Critique tab of the Critique panel. The date column displays the deadline for the submission. Each group member has until that deadline to make their inline and general comments. Click on the document name to open it and give your critique.

Where does the deadline come from?

Groups set their own Critique period, which is the number of days that a document is available for critique. The group leader administers this and he or she can change it at any time.

Review period

After the Critique period ends, the submission moves to Review. Now you will see it listed under the Review tab in the Critique Panel. The document is shown with mark up. If you scroll down to the bottom of a document in the Review period, you will be able to make additional comments, ask questions and answer them in the Q&A box. Inline comments are not available in the Review period.

During the Review period, the author can ask for clarifications on comments from the group or suggestions. Anyone in the group can start a Q&A discussion or respond to one. However, the review period is not a time for defending your work. We all get negative feedback or suggestions for improvement. Sometimes it’s harder to hear than others. Remember that it’s your choice as an author whether you want to actually take the feedback. If you get feedback that is too harsh, let the person know privately and respectfully via message or ignore it.

Where does the deadline come from?

Groups set their own timelines for Review. After the review period, each submission goes back to the Dashboard. It can be nice to have a longer Review period when people are sending in revisions of the same works so that group members can see them for reference.