View critiques

View feedback during the workshop period

Any group member can read a submission’s critiques while it is posted to a group – so the whole group can learn from the feedback. Open a document to see its comments displayed together (if you have not given a critique yet, you must click View All Critiques once in the doc). Filter reviewers to see an individual’s comments.

During the Critique period, you will be able to read a submission’s comments. After the Critique period, the document passes to a Review period with open Q&A. Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, offer clarification, or otherwise further the discussion during the Review period.

View feedback on your Dashboard

Critiques of your own work are also accessible via your Dashboard. Look under the submission to see a version labeled “Critique” nested beneath it. Click on the document to open the online version with group feedback.

If you submitted the document to more than one group, you will have more than one version of the critiqued document. The group name is noted with the critiqued version, so you will be able to tell which group gave the critique.