Send individual or group messages

Messaging center

Access your messaging center with the envelope icon located to the right of your name on the navigation. The envelope will turn blue when you have mail.

Click Compose to send messages to individuals. Type in the pen names in the Recipients box. Pen names will display as tags. When you send the message, the recipient will receive the message in his Inked Voices inbox in addition to his email account. The recipient should click the Reply hyperlink in the email to compose a reply through Inked Voices.

NOTE: While you are able to write multiple individuals at once, the message will come through as a BCC. To reply to multiple people, add their pen names to your reply in the Recipients box.

Contact via profile

Go to the individual’s public profile. Under the profile picture, click Contact. This opens a new message addressed to that person.

Contact your entire group

To send your entire group a message, go to your group’s page. Click Send Message under the group’s profile picture. This opens a new message addressed to all members of the group.

NOTE: this is only available for groups in which you are a member.