Critique Options

Read completed critiques before submitting your own

In Inked Voices, you always critique a clean copy of a manuscript. However, you have the option of taking a look at any completed critiques before submitting your own.

To do so, open the document and click View All Critiques in the upper right corner. This opens a new window with all of the comments the document has received to date, color coded by editor. You will see this same view of the document anytime you open a submission you’ve already critiqued. If there are a lot of inline comments, use the Editors drop down to filter by group member. The filter list is organized with the most recent reviewer first.

Print submissions

To print, open the submission and click the print icon at the top, right side of the document. This feature is for those who like to read / mark up a physical copy and transcribe their comments online.

Split Screen

For those who like to write in the comment box as they read, use the Split screen arrows (the icon looks like elevator doors) to split the critique window.