Project mode

In Project mode, you can track your word counts and/or writing time by project. A “project” is any piece of writing you’d like to track, from a novel draft, to a proposal outline, to your blogging efforts.

Projects dashboard

A dashboard keeps projects organized. Use the sort icon to sort projects by a variety of options (color, alpha, last updated).

Add a project
  • Tap + in the upper right of the Projects Dashboard to add a project.
  • Fill out all fields and click Add.

Tip: Use color coding or the Project type field to group related projects. Here are some examples:

  • All creative writing projects could receive one color, all academic writing projects another color, and blogging a third color.
  • Colors could be used to indicate priority. For example, you could change the color on projects with approaching deadlines to red.
  • Group parts of a novel together. Some writers will track progress on one draft separately from another. Make the novel name the project type. Or give all parts of the novel the same color code. Or use the type field to indicate project phase, e.g. drafting, revising, planning.
Delete a project
  • From the Projects Dashboard, tap the project.
  • Swipe right to left. Select Delete. It will delete automatically.
Get stats for all of your projects
  • From the Projects Dashboard, click the paper icon.
  • Scroll to see daily, weekly, monthly and annual stats for each project.
  • To export your stats, use the X icon in the upper right corner.

Individual projects

Access your individual projects via the Projects Dashboard. Tap a project to open it.
The project screen gives a snapshot of the progress to date, including words and time to date.

Add writing time
  1. Use the timer to time your writing session. You may pause the timer to take a break. Once complete, you will be able to tap to add the time to your time tracker.
  2. OR use the clock icon at top left of the screen. Manually add minutes spent writing.
Add words

Count your words in your favorite writing tool. Tap the clock icon at top left of the screen to add your words to your project’s word count total.

Add notes

Tap the note icon at the top middle of the screen. Notes display in calendar view.
Tip: Use notes to record how you felt during your writing session. Or, make a note to remind yourself where you’d like to pick up during your next session.

View stats

Tap the icon at the upper right of the screen (in the purple bar) to view project-level stats. Use the X icon in the upper right to send yourself a .csv file.