Remove a submission

If you submit your work and realize you goofed, you can remove it.

  1. Go to the Critique panel on your Group’s page.
  2. Click Remove to the right of your submission.

You may remove your work from the Critique or Review tab at any time and for any reason. When you do, your manuscript and its critique comments will still be available on your Dashboard.

Caution: If you see the eyeglasses symbol next to your work, this means a critique is in process. If you remove your submission, you will lose these comments.

What happens to your credits?

If you remove your work before critiques are submitted or in process, you will be able to edit it and resubmit it—and you will get your credits back.

If group members have critiqued the material or if a critique is in process, you will be able to remove it, but you will lose your credits. This is out of courtesy to your fellow group members.